Joe Biden: George Floyd will change the world


In the USA, Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden said that black American George Floyd, who died as a result of police violence, would ‘change the world’ on racism.

In the USA, Democrat Presidential candidate and Former Vice President Joe Biden made a statement to CBS television after his visit to George Floyd’s family in Houston, Texas.

Stating that Floyd’s tragic death will initiate a change, Biden said, “Floyd will change the world. What happened is one of the big breaking moments of civil liberties and rights in American history. ”

Joe Biden: George Floyd will change the world

Regarding the rising demands of the police reforms in the protests that left two weeks behind, Biden said that the police department did not support cutting financial resources, but that the police should be funded if it meets some basic standards.

The death of 46-year-old George Floyd, who was detained by police officers in Minneapolis on Monday (May 25th) as a result of a long kneeling of a police officer, sparked the debate on police violence and racism in the country.

Police reform is demanded in the protests that spread across the country and leave two weeks behind from Minneapolis, where the events began.


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