Joe Biden Breaks the Internet As the US Takes Historic Steps to Decriminalize Pot


President Joe Biden has announced the historic steps his government is taking to decriminalize pot at the federal level in the United States, and the internet is going crazy.

Slowly but surely, cannabis use in the United States is becoming more acceptable as more states continue to legalize the use of this substance.

The medical use of cannabis has previously been legalized in 39 states across the country, with 19 of them also allowing recreational use.

On October 6, President Biden announced federal action to combat what he called a “failed approach” to cannabis.

Joe Biden Breaks the Internet When the US Decriminalizes Pot

The US president announced on Twitter his plans to decriminalize marijuana across the country, starting with pardoning all previous federal crimes related to simple possession of marijuana, which deprived thousands of citizens of equal opportunities.

“As I have already said, no one should be in prison just for the use or possession of marijuana. Today I am taking steps to put an end to our failed approach,” he said.

“I forgive all previous federal crimes related to simple possession of marijuana. There are thousands of people who have previously been convicted of simple possession, and as a result may be deprived of work, housing or educational opportunities. My forgiveness will remove this burden.”

He also called on governors to pardon simple offenses related to the possession of marijuana in the state, since no one should be imprisoned in a local or state prison for this.

The 79-year-old reiterated that cannabis is classified at the same level as heroin and called on the Health Minister to initiate a process to review how marijuana is included in the list in accordance with federal law.

The Internet reacts to Joe Biden’s trends on Twitter

Biden’s announcement became popular on Twitter around the world in a matter of minutes.

One user responded with an edited photo of the president smoking a joint, with the caption, “If only I could be there to shoot the Oval Office with you tonight, sir.”

Another suggested that the president go even further and fully legalize it across the country.

“It’s all great, but I have one more suggestion: how about we already legalize it at the federal level? It’s about time.”


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