Job Vacancies With Psychological Assistance Grow 1,215% In 2021


Psychological: Last Sunday (10), World Mental Health Day was celebrated and, to celebrate the date, Catho published a survey that reveals the concern of some companies with the mental health of their employees. The study shows that the topic has started to gain more attention in recent years, especially with the pandemic.

According to the survey, there was a growth of 1,215% in job vacancies that offer benefits for the prevention and treatment of psychological disorders for employees, such as psychological assistance or therapy.

Taking care of mental health is important for your personal and professional side.

Software developer Zitrus, headquartered in Joinville (SC), has 180 employees and is one of the companies that has been offering the benefit since before the pandemic, with an agreement in a clinic in the city. The cost is shared, but employees pay only R$18 per consultation.

“The company’s purpose is to transform healthcare in the country, but for that we need to start at home. Dividing the cost of a session is a palliative measure, but it can encourage more people to seek psychological care, and this is essential to prevent the onset and worsening of illnesses”, revealed the CEO of Zitrus, Daniel Torres.

Stoque, headquartered in Belo Horizonte, already offered psychological counseling and health insurance before the pandemic. With the problems caused by covid-19, the intelligent automation company expanded its care and started to offer psychological assistance in person and at a distance, both free of charge for employees.

“We hired our own health team for physical care, including at home, and by telemedicine. A professional from the medical and specialized psychology areas to give the necessary support about Covid-19 and how to take care of our team’s mental health during this period of insecurity “, said the manager of People and Culture at Stoque, Gabriel Costa Santos.


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