Job survey filled by Steve Jobs goes to auction


A questionnaire for a job vacancy that was filled out by hand by Steve Jobs will be put up for auction in late February. The curriculum vitae text was written by the former CEO in 1973 and had already been sold at a previous auction for US $ 174,000

The letter was signed shortly after Jobs left Reed College, where he studied for about six months. In the play it is possible to observe some curiosities. At the time, Jobs wrote that “typing on a computer and a calculator” was among his skills. He had even written that “technology” and “design” were his special abilities.

In the field of “major”, which in English-speaking countries corresponds to graduation in Brazil, Jobs put “literature”. The ex-inventor filed it saying that he had a driver’s license and that his access to transportation was “possible, but not likely”.

In this questionnaire, fields such as “intended vacancy” were left blank. There are no details on the name of the company that Jobs tried to apply for. A year after writing the employment questionnaire, Jobs was hired by Atari as a technician. At the company, he worked with Steve Wozniak, a fellow who helped him found Apple in 1976.

The rare item, which was from Jobs’ personal collection, will be sold by Charterfields, a London-based asset management and valuation company. On the page about the letter, it is explained that the offers will start to be accepted on February 24th and end on March 24th. For now, there is no information about the initial bid amounts and the auction will be held online.

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