Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor Award in Golden Globe for Joker


The Golden Globe Awards, described as the messenger of the Oscars, found their winners. Joaquin Phoenix, who received much acclaim for his performance in the DC Comics movie Joker, won the Best Actor Award.

This year, the 77th Golden Globe Awards, as every year, hosted the names of Hollywood stars. One of the films that marked the ceremony of the famous comedian Ricky Gervais was Joker. He was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Music and Best Film for DC Comics.

American actor Joaquin Phoenix, who has scored one of the best acting performances of recent years for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck – the other Joker – starring Todd Phillips, won the Best Actor Award.

One of DC Comics’ most famous characters, Joker, which shed light on the life of the film, the box office grossed $ 1.06 billion worldwide. In addition to being the first R-Rated film in history to exceed the $ 1 billion threshold, Joker, the most profitable comic book adaptation of all time, has achieved all this with a modest budget of just $ 70 million.

Losing 23 pounds for the role, Phoenix was the second actor to win the Golden Globe with DC’s iconic villain Joker. Shortly before he died in 2009, Heath Ledger was awarded Best Actor in both the Golden Globe and the Academy Award for his outstanding performance in Christopher Nolan’s second film, The Dark Knight, in the Batman trilogy.

Phoenix said he worked for months to create the Joker’s iconic laughter:
Phoenix has won awards in the Golden Globe, Christian Bale (Ford v Ferrari), Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory), Adam Driver (Marriage Story) and Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes) outperformed the big names. Whether the next step for the American actor will be Oscars, we will see at the 92nd Academy Awards on February 10th.

For those still not watching; Let’s leave the Joker’s trailer here:


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