Joaquin Phoenix on the verge of becoming Doctor Strange?


Joaquin Phoenix was going to belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why didn’t it?

Marvel may have delayed production to accommodate the protagonist’s schedule, but Benedict Cumberbatch was not the studio’s first choice to play the main hero in Doctor Strange.

Joaquin Phoenix was the one they initially wanted for the Sorcerer Supreme, but despite the actor entering final negotiations to join the MCU on one stage, the talks eventually fell apart.

The main reason is believed to have been Phoenix’s reluctance to sign a multi-film deal with the studio, which runs firmly against its reputation as a very meticulous talent when it comes to casting.

It was also speculated that he had no interest in starring in a comic book blockbuster, but when he got Todd Phillips’ Joker face paint on, that was shown not to be the case.

Of course, Joker was made for a relatively inexpensive $ 55 million and was an R-rated psychological drama that was set in the DC Comics universe, but it was still a commercial studio project.

And after the movie grossed more than $ 1 billion and saw the lead win an Academy Award for Best Actor, reports have emerged that Phoenix could end up committing to sequels.

Could Joaquin Phoenix enter the MCU?

However, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Marvel wants to bring him into the fold as well for a brief cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where he would play an alternate version of the neurosurgeon turned Master of the Mystical Arts who hails from a different Earth. .

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While it would make a cool Easter egg and a more than welcome addition to the set, there’s a chance Phoenix might have no interest in appearing in a sequel to the franchise for nothing more than a cameo to entice fans. As such, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to get it on board or not. Would you like to see Joaquin Phoenix in a Marvel movie? At Somagnews we want to know your opinion.


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