Joaquin Phoenix Announces Producer of an Animal Movie


Joaquin Phoenix, who has been nominated for an Oscar 3 times before and has been winning the award last year, has announced that he is the producer of a new documentary. The documentary called Gunda focuses on the story of a pig and three friends.

In the films such as Gladiator, You Were Never Really Here, Inherent Vice, Her; Joaquin Phoenix , who managed to take Oscar to his house in the “Best Actor” category with his Joker movie , announced that he will be a producer in a new movie.

Gunda, created by Phoenix and produced by Russian film director Victor Kossakovsky, focuses on the daily life of a pig and three friends, two cows and one chicken.


Kossakovsky’s filmography includes 14 productions in which he sat on the director’s chair before Gunda. The last one of these was Aquarela , released in 2018 . At Aquarela, water bodies in different parts of the world were being examined.

In an interview with Screen Daily, Joaquin Phoenix stated that he was very impressed with the movie and hoped that it would change the way people understand animal intelligence. Phoenix described the film with the words “An inner meditation on existence” .

The famous actor used the following expressions regarding the Gunda document: “ Gunda is a fascinating glimpse into the sensitivity normally (and perhaps deliberately) hidden within us within the animal species. Pride and respect, fun and happiness of a curious young pig; Panic, despair, and absolute defeat in the face of cruel trickery … These show the similarity of all species’ reactions to events in their lives and ways to deal with them. ”

The 45-year-old famous actress mentioned the documentary as “a very important and artistic film” . According to IMDb information, the production was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany on February 23, and will be released in Norway in August 2020. It is not yet clear in which countries the documentary will be screened or whether it will be broadcast on any platform.


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