Jo jo Fletcher and her husband Jordan Rogers meet nephew Jack and joke that they are ready for a baby


The next generation of Rogers! After a European honeymoon, Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers returned home to meet the addition to their family: the newborn son of Luke Rogers.

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“First stop in the USA! Jack Jordan, you are such a blessing,” the 31—year-old former bachelor wrote in her Instagram story on Saturday, July 2, sharing footage of her husband Jordan holding a baby in his arms for the first time. “Uncle Jordan and Aunt Jojo love you so much!”

After Fletcher, who got engaged to the 33-year-old Cash Pad host in the 12th season of the ABC dating series, cooed over her man with their little nephew on Saturday, she also had a chance to hold the baby.

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“I said to Jack: “Do you want a cousin?” — a native of Texas jokingly signed the second post in Story.

Fletcher and Jordan, who tied the knot in May after nearly six years together, have previously been outspoken about their intentions to expand their brood.

“It was kind of [a conversation that] came up a little bit later,” SEC Network sports broadcaster exclusively told Us Weekly in April. “Everyone who will be my fiance [at our wedding], except one, gave birth to a child last calendar year. I think we’re at a point in our lives where we’re like, “Oh, hell, we’re supposed to have a baby tomorrow,” but also…. I don’t think we’ll be waiting long. But it may not be right away.”

Fletcher, who moved to Puerto Rico with her husband last year, echoed his opinion, noting that they are not “afraid” to add another cousin Rogers.

“[Having a baby] is a big deal. [But] I think it’s going to be one of those things where we just wake up one morning and say, “I think we’re ready.” Let’s do it,” she told Us at the time. “It could be in the next one [or] two years.”

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Jordan’s older brother Luke and his wife Aimee Rogers announced last month that they had their first child and named him after Jordan.

“My whole heart. Welcome to the world of Jack Jordan Rogers. You are loved and appreciated immensely,” wrote 40-year-old Luke on Instagram on June 20. “Jack, we choose your name because it means that God is merciful. Your middle name is for @jrodgers11, and we can only pray that you will grow up to be as generous, kind, loyal (and tanned) and an amazing person with character like your Uncle Jordan.”

The former footballer, who is also the estranged younger brother of Aaron Rodgers, was humbled by the honour. At the time, he replied via an Instagram comment: “My little dude JJ!!! I already love him and I really love you and Aimee! So happy for you all and damn glad to be an uncle.”