JLab JBuds Frames turn glasses into open headphones


JLab is releasing a new Bluetooth audio device designed to be attached to your existing glasses or sunglasses. This accessory, called JLab JBuds Frames, consists of two modules with downward sounding speakers that you place just outside your ears. We can describe this product as part of the resurgent open-ear sound trend, which is the domain of Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses and bone conduction bands such as Huawei Eyewear II.

JBuds Frames are sold abroad for only $ 50. This fits in with JLab’s history of offering surprisingly inexpensive headphones. In some cases, we witness such cheap headphones outperform the price they are offered. However, so far, the bar in sound quality is low for headphones with open ear conduction. It would be best not to have too high expectations.

JBuds Frames consist of two large modules that are attached to the handles of your glasses. Unlike integrated solutions, there is no attempt to hide the fact that you have headphones in your glasses. Comes with multiple sizes of clips to fit more glasses.

JLab JBuds Frames sound features

On the audio side, each unit has a 16mm driver, which the JLab says “will not be heard by anyone nearby.” This is the fundamental basis of open ear sound conduction. Although sound plays just outside your ears, it is directed so that only you can hear it. You may not get the best accuracy and fit, but if you exercise because your ears will not be covered, you will not lose touch with the environment around you.

JBuds Frames have an IPX4 waterproof rating. Therefore it is resistant to rain or sweat. There are also buttons for controlling the volume, accepting or rejecting calls, and changing EQ settings. JLab states that they can also be used independently for those who just want to install and use one.

Battery life provides over eight hours of audio playback. We can say that this is good considering the size of the modules. Instead of coming with a charging case, it’s shipped via a special cable that splits into two magnetic charging points. The headphone accessory will go on sale in the spring of 2021.


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