Jisoo’s styles that will motivate you to renew your hair


If you are looking for a change to your hair, Jisoo can inspire you with her look changes since her BLACKPINK debut.

The world of K-Pop takes us to know various facets of our favorite idols, in each comeback the singers seek to renew themselves and experiment with their look. Jisoo always stays true to her style, but that hasn’t stopped him from changing her image for every music release, and her hair is an important part of these transformations.

While Jisoo has not tried to use a wide variety of hair colors, the cut, hairstyle and some shades have varied in her look, which will be of great help when looking for ideas for your makeover.

Dare to experiment with your hair and renew your look by following Jisoo’s footsteps, this idol will be the inspiration you need to take this step.

We invite you to recall the BLACKPINK vocalist’s most iconic hairstyles and hairstyles to choose which one is your favorite.



Jisoo doesn’t wear bangs often, but he shows off this look. BLACKPINK fans always show their love for him because of how charming he looks. Jisoo’s image always has an elegant and classy touch that takes the fringe to another level and will certainly motivate you to try this hair style.


One of the most exotic colors that Jisoo has used is purple, the idol painted her hair with a bright shade and metallic details that made her look amazing. Although the most natural styles are constant in this singer, the fantasy colors were wonderful.

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A more recent style from Jisoo is her hair with a brown hue that she styles in natural-looking waves. This change allowed us to see a new look since we are used to seeing the idol with totally straight hair, but Jisoo continues to show that changes are always flattering.


During the Playing With Fire era, Jisoo showed us her hair with a charming reddish hue, this is another style that you can try if you are looking for a change, but if you don’t want to transform all your hair you can also choose to paint alone some strands.


Black hair is undoubtedly Jisoo’s most characteristic look, but despite the fact that we have seen her on many occasions with this style, she knows how to transform her image so that it always looks bright and renewed, but also very elegant.


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