Jisoo’s story and her secret to succeeding in K-Pop


Jisoo’s life had a key moment that motivated her to pursue her dreams of being a singer, we tell you the story of this idol until she debuted with BLACKPINK.

The members of BLACKPINK come from different places, however, their passion for music made them coincide in the same place, where their dreams and hard work led them to debut as idols. Learn more about Jisoo and the path that led her to become a singer.


Jisoo was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up surrounded by a family that, although not related to music in a professional way, was distinguished by its love of singing. All her family members enjoyed singing, so the meetings were always filled with music.

Eventually, Jisoo also adopted this activity as an ever-present hobby in her life and, although everyone close to her sang, she used to receive compliments about her voice, so she got motivation to expand her horizons and start singing in front of her. others.

Jisoo began auditioning and came to YG Entertainment, where after passing her audition she began training in 2011.

This idol stole public attention after YG Entertainment shared her image to increase curiosity for the group they were preparing to debut. Following that, she put her acting talents to work by joining various music videos and commercials, so when Jisoo finally debuted, she became a star.

We recently also told you about some looks and hair styles that Jisoo has worn that will motivate you to renew your image.

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