Jisoo touches Lisa’s heart with this beautiful gesture


The protagonist of ‘Snowdrop’ proved that she is an excellent counselor, friend and colleague. This gesture marked her fellow BLACKPINK member.

Jisoo is a girl with multiple activities on her daily schedule, neither the recordings of her drama, nor the photoshoots prevented her from contacting her fellow BLACKPINK members. Lisa revealed the beautiful connection she has with the actress.

In early 2021, the members of BLACKPINK virtually reunited with BLINK at their first online concert titled THE SHOW, this was the last group musical activity of the JYP Entertainment idols .

The girls started new solo projects, Jisoo dabbled in acting in the Korean drama ‘Snowdrop’, it represented the first production series starring the singer of BLACKPINK .

On the set of the popular K-drama , Kim Jisoo received the love of her colleagues, Rosé , Jennie, and Lisa sent delicious gifts that reaffirmed their love and support for the model originally from the city of Seoul in South Korea .

The DIOR muse was not only limited to receiving gifts and admiration from the BLACKPINK members , she is also a girl who is concerned about her colleagues, Lisa confirmed in a recent interview.

When you finish reading this note, visit: Jisoo receives love from Lisa and Jennie on the set of ‘Snowdrop’.


Lisa was the new model for ELLE Korea magazine, in addition to an intense photoshoot with charming and challenging looks, the idol had a long and sincere interview with the specialized fashion medium .

The K-pop dancer revealed that one time Jisoo sent her a loving text message, asked how she was doing and if she was having a good time, since they had not spoken for a long time.

 She shared that her partner is always busy, she doesn’t have a lot of free time for herself, relaxing or resting, so:

The fact that she was worried about me was very moving

Jisoo was also present during the recordings of Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’ MV , Lisa reflected on the support and good hearts of all the BLACKPINK members as they provided strength in their solo activities.

Jisoo is an excellent friend, actress, singer, and model, get inspired by the BLACKPINK member’s style this spring and recreate these perfect seasonal photos.


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