Jisoo shows her love for Rosé and shares a spoiler of her solo


BLINK and Jisoo expressed their love for Rosé, the idol has received various love messages on her special day.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo was the first to congratulate Rosé on her 25th birthday, the idol shared an adorable video of her partner alongside Hank, and revealed a spoiler for her debut solo.

The K-pop group promoted their concert “THE SHOW” with great success, now, each of the members have remained focused on their solo activities, such as YouTube channels, drama recordings, and solo preparations. On the group’s agenda, there is also the celebration of the Aquarian Rosé.

Through her personal Instagram account, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shared her congratulations for Rosé’s birthday., the girls have always expressed their mutual support on special dates and important projects and this day was no exception. The idol nicknamed her “Chaengie” and shared a video of her partner with her best friend Hank.

It is not the first time that the girls show their great friendship and brotherhood through moments and memories together, Jisoo is characterized by being present in the most important things of her classmates and seems to have accompanied Rosé during the recordings of her solo.


In her Instagram Storie, the video shows that Rosé received a visit from Hank and Jisoo on what appears to be a recording set, the idol was styled with a long ponytail of blonde hair and golden earrings, so she could be recording her Main MV.

Unfortunately, her outfit could not be appreciated , since Rosé hid it under a large black jacket, but Jisoo confirmed that it was something related to her solo project, as she accompanied her post with the phrase “A spoiler of her solo that it will come out soon ”.Recently, it was reported through Korean portals that the release date would be scheduled for March, but there is no set date.

BLINK expressed her emotion for the style that Rosé will show for her debut and they are counting the days to know her solo facet, since music represents her personal diary. “GONE” is the first song revealed during “THE SHOW” and it also features its own MV.

In addition to congratulations from her fellow group members, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo received all the love from her fans, learn how she fulfilled her dream in K-pop.


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