Jisoo rejects the cake Lisa made over the end of the year


Jisoo surprised fans by revealing that she turned down the dessert that the rapper created, and apologized that she would make the same decision again if the situation arises.

During the filming of this special dedicated to fans, the girls spent time together and carried out different activities to close 2020 and get ready for the arrival of a new year. One of their missions was to decorate a cake, but Lisa’s creation puzzled the members.

Although Lisa thought her cake was almost ready with just the grayish icing , Jennie didn’t hesitate to joke that it was the worst cake, but a bigger surprise would come with Jisoo’s opinion .


In Season’s Greetings, Jisoo doesn’t say much about the dessert Lisa made, but she was later questioned about it.

Through the CH + platform, one of her followers asked her if she had tried the cake that the rapper decorated, as she was interested in knowing what rating she would give to the flavor. However, Jisoo was shocked to reveal that she had not eaten from it.


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I did not do it! And even if I could (I wouldn’t) Sorry for LISA but I will decline

The singer’s comment was amusing for the fans, who together remembered the moments the girls filmed together while saying goodbye to the previous year.

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