Jisoo receives the love of Mexico to South Korea with this gift


BLINK showed her love for Jisoo on her birthday, but the idol continues to receive gifts from her fans in Mexico.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo received a great gift from her Mexican fans, the group formed by BLACKPINK México, (BLACKPINKMXCO) sent her flower arrangements to celebrate her birthday.

The K-pop group YG continues readying preparations for their first concert online worldwide and solos Rose and Lisa to be recorded in mid-January. It is unknown if there will be any upcoming comeback plans, Jisoo is also focused on her drama “Snowdrop” and recently celebrated her birthday. BLACKPINK’s

support and popularityhave spread globally, so Jisoo received the love and support of her fans during her birthday. The group’s talent has allowed them to be recognized in various parts of the world, especially in Latin America, considered one of the regions most passionate about artists.

Interactions with their international fans take place through live broadcasts, when the girls speak in Spanish or some are lucky enough to meet them at fanmeetings , BLINK hopes that when the world situation improves the K-pop group will be able to visit with their tour some countries like Mexico, who prepared a very special gift for her.


Through her personal Instagram account, Jisoo shared a photo to thank all the gifts, messages and congratulations she received from her fans, among the gifts were some flower arrangements and a crystal ball that was sent by the Mexican fanbase BLACKPINK Mexico.

The group’s followers shared the photos with everything they bought for Jisoo with donations from fans. Flowers are one of the traditional elements for birthdays , so they were happy that they reached the hands of the idol, loved in various countries around the world. The fanbase added a postcard in English to communicate all their wishes and thoughts to Jisoo .

The BLACKPINK member’s photo posed surrounded by flowers, arrangements, stuffed animals, and gift boxes to thank her for the happiness she got on her special day, and she hopes to see her fans for the concert at the end of the month.

The BLACKPINK member is in the middle of the filming of “Snowdrop” , her new drama , she discovers what the relationship of Jisoo and the rest of the cast is like.


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