Jisoo receives support from Lisa during Snowdrop filming


Jisoo has received support from her fellow group members and fans in the first drama that she stars in.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo receives all the support from Lisa and they show why their friendship is the strongest, the rapper accompanied the idol in one of her most important projects.

The K-pop group’s winter break continues, it will be until January 31 that the girls meet again with BLINK through their online concert, Lisa and Rosé are also expected to reveal their first solo work. Her projects for 2021 are among the most anticipated for fans.

Since the last months of 2020, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has been busy filming “Snowdrop” , the drama where she will star and show her facet as an actress for the first time, BLINKhe’s excited and can’t wait to see it on screen. In addition to the group’s activities, the idol also combines her schedule with the recordings, but the support of her peers has helped her keep going.

It is not a secret that the girls always stay together and accompany each other in the most decisive moments of their careers, when Jennie debuted, the 3 accompanied the rapper to music programs, Jisoo has been Lisa’s partner while filming her dance covers for their YouTube channel and food strucks have been given to each other.


Lisa and Jisoo have shown to have a great friendship and have supported each other in difficult times, now, with the project at the door of this drama and despite the low temperatures, the rapper decided to join her partner and be with her during one of her recording days.

The information was leaked after BLINK shared a photo on Instagram where both were tagged, in addition, a photo of a bag that belongs to their favorite clothing store was shown. The fans were moved by the gesture and appreciated that Jisoo had someone by her side, as this project is one of the most important for her.

Although there are no photos of them on set, it is known that Jisooshe’s been busy with filming and Lisa joined in on her routine. In the past, the singer made her cry when he sent her a letter while filming a military-style survival reality show, which is why BLINK considers their bond to be best friends through thick and thin .

Jisoo and BLACKPINK are preparing everything for their first online concert, discover the surprises that the K-pop group will present to BLINK.


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