Jisoo receives congratulations from BLACKPINK on her birthday


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s colleagues made posts in honor of her birthday. What did Rosé, Jennie and Lisa give her?

Jisoo celebrated her birthday with all the love of the fans, her fellow BLACKPINK members also wanted to celebrate such an important date in their own way.

On January 3, the idol of BLACKPINK celebrated her birthday with amazing projects, advertising posters, special videos, editions, compilations, images , and other activities to show the love of the fans ..

The name of Kim Jisoo was different trend in online communities around the world by millions of messages of support from BLINK , the fandom demonstrated her power over the Internet.

The BLACKPINK girls took advantage of Jisoo’s birthday to show all their love for her. Rosé , Jennie and Lisa took their official social media profiles and posted cute congratulations for Jisoo .


Through the stories on Instagram, Rosé shared two photos of her and Jisoo , the idol adorned the post with some blue party hats and the filter simulated the characteristic pastel stains on her face.

Rosé wrote:

Our Jisoo , I hope you have a happy birthday

Lisa updated her Insta stories with a picture of her index finger and Jisoo’s , added a gif of her partner, a very animated chick partying, and a colorful happy birthday sticker .

Jennie uploaded two selfies of her with Jisoo , in one they appeared natural, without any makeup and with a funny filter, while in the other image she added:

Happy Birthday , Turtle Rabbit Kim


Shortly after, Jisoo shared that Jennie gave her a cake, thanked her for her tender gesture with a message:

Jendeukie’s special cake

Want to know more about Jisoo’s birthday celebration? BLACKPINK fans organized several surprises to commemorate another year of the K-pop star’s life .