Jisoo is the fellow student that all BLINK would like to have


Jisoo and Jennie’s sister went to work to learn new languages ​​and motivate each other.

The girls from BLACKPINK have motivated Jisoo to put her English into practice, she continues to take classes and knows perfectly well who she will be able to have fun speaking English with.

The idol has been very busy since the beginning of this year, but between filming the drama Snowdrop, BLACKPINK’s online concert, and multiple photoshoots showing her presence in the fashion world, Jisoo still finds the time to study English. .

The singer recently revealed in a live broadcast that Ella , Jennie’s sister , is practicing Korean and she continues to learn the English language, as that way they will be able to communicate better, talk about many things, and have deeper conversations.

For that reason, Ella and Jisoo will be able to help each other practice and gain confidence after being in close contact with the language they are learning. There is no doubt that having Jisoo as a study partner would be a great motivation to do our best in class, right?


Deepening her learning about English will also go a long way in communicating with international BLINKS , but as if that weren’t enough, Jisoo confessed that she had started studying the Chinese language.

The idol said that she was practicing before she started filming Snowdrop, but since she had to pause for a long time now she no longer remembers what she learned. Despite this, the girl’s goodwill encouraged her fans, who hope to see her show her progress later on.


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Another method Jisoo had in mind to reconnect with her fans was to create online matches by sharing her Kartrider ID, but she was advised against doing so because her game would become very slow with so many people wanting to play with her.

In the midst of her activities, Jisoo has also been supporting Rosé’s debut as a solo artist, she was present at the video shootings and shows us how they had fun together.


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