Jisoo gets ready to shine with numerous projects in 2021


The idol made her way into the fashion and entertainment industry, this year Jisoo will not stop surprising us.

The BLACKPINK members will take on new challenges to showcase their talents, and Jisoo has everything to crown herself as one of the most loved and popular singers in the industry.

Although 2021 has only just begun, there are already many plans that aroused the excitement of BLINKS around the world, the girls will have their first online concert very soon, but they also have some individual activities that nobody wants to miss.

It was recently revealed that Rosé and Lisa will finally have their respective solo debuts, the Thai rapper will also once again show her strength as a mentor and there are many rumors about brands wanting Jennie as their new face.

The 4 idols are part of the list of people who will lead this new era according to ELLE Japan magazine, but there are many reasons that make us predict that Jisoo will be one of the idols that will stand out the most throughout the year.


The girl is not only a popular singer and dancer, she has also shown her talent in fashion and that is why she has become a figure that many brands and magazines want as their model .


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Proof of this is in the love that the Dior brand has given to Jisoo , making her one of its most beloved ambassadors with whom they have developed numerous projects. This is just one of the luxury brands that the girl models and wears with elegance, so we hope that the next few months will show us more of the singer and her link with fashion.

We can’t put aside that this year we will see Jisoo perform again, this time with a leading role in the K-Drama Snowdrop . Although the filming of this production still continues, the expectation has increased and the girl has received a lot of support in this new facet of her career.


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