Jisoo enjoys cold weather during snowfall in Korea


The BLACKPINK member showed her joy at being surrounded by snow by sharing some moments with her followers

The coldest season in Korea has left some snowfalls throughout the country, Jisoo took advantage of these moments to admire the scenery while protecting herself from the weather.

The idol has published photographs where we see her wearing warm clothes, maintaining her style and great sense of fashion but taking care of the havoc that the cold could cause. Jisoo’s fans enjoy seeing her happy, so this winter has been so special.

This BLACKPINK vocalist updated her Instagram account letting her fans see a little more of her day to day.


This girl shared an adorable Insta-story on her personal account where she shows the snow covered floor as she runs leaving her shoe prints.

Jisoo’s voice can be heard throughout the clip revealing that she was having a fun time that she couldn’t pass up.


In addition, he published an image where we can see the branches of the trees covered with snow, an image that looks like something out of a movie and that revealed the view that Jisoo was enjoying.

We also recently told you that Lisa decorated a cake in an original way, but Jisoo turned down the dessert so she wouldn’t have to try it.


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