Jisoo celebrates Dalgom with a birthday party


Jisoo’s best friend is celebrating, furry Dalgom receives all the love from the idol and BLINK on his special day.

Dalgom, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s pet has a birthday and the idol organized a party with everything and cake to celebrate her puppy, discover all the details of the celebration.

The K-pop group successfully ended the promotions of THE ALBUM with the online concert THE SHOW, now, they will concentrate on their solo activities such as the solo of Rosé, Lisa and the drama “Snowdrop” that Jisoo is recording . In addition to celebrating their success in K-pop, they also celebrate their adorable pets.

Through her personal Instagram account, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo showed all the love she has for Dalgom on her birthday, one of her pets. The Maltese Bichon puppy has become a member of your family and group . Pocky was also another of the guests at the party and BLINKshared several congratulatory messages on social media. Dalgom’s

age is not exactly known , but apparently he has helped Jisoo not only by being her best friend and faithful pet , the idol has come to suffer from the disorder of sleep paralysis, but sleeping with her dogs has helped her have a better rest.


The party that Jisoo organized to celebrate her pet included a large cake made especially for dogs , it was decorated with the phrase “Happy Dalgom Day”, with blue and yellow colors, in addition, a small bite is seen in the photos that Jisoo shared .

The BLACKPINK idol also posed in front of the camera with her pet to record a video with a puppy filter while hugging it to show all her love, Jisoo explained that it was the first time they had tried a cake special for them and posted some photos and videos where she feeds her little babies a slice.


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BLINK shared photos and videos through social media to celebrate Dalgom , who has become one of the spoiled fandom, but more than Jisoo , who once joked with a fan who asked permission to marry him, she totally refused and said it was her son.

Besides celebrating her pet , Jisoo also managed to experience her facet as a songwriter with the cover “Habits” , the singer wrote part of the lyrics in Korean.


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