Jisoo BLACKPINK’s acting in the trailer of the drama ‘Snowdrop’ Makes Korean Netizens Disappointed?


JTBC’s latest drama, ‘Snowdrop‘ has recently released the second trailer video. In this video trailer, we can watch a brief snippet of Jisoo’s character and the narration read by him.

Jisoo seems to be in love with the character played by actor Jung Hae In and calls it her first love.

However, after watching the trailer, many Korean netizens admitted that they were disappointed with Jisoo‘s acting and voice.

Like most of the Korean netizens’ comments on theqoo site:

“I like Jisoo, but her voice and mention make me feel uncomfortable,”

“He has a nasal voice and his acting isn’t that great either. I think it’s better for her to make money from BLACKPINK instead of being an actress.”

“I think this drama will be difficult to watch because of Jisoo’s acting,”

“I think she’s beautiful, and she’s even prettier on stage. But the acting isn’t that great.”

“I like the song sung by Jisoo, but her voice is not suitable for acting,”

“His voice is not good and his expression is a little awkward,”

“Seriously, I think the drama crew chose him just because of his popularity. Jung Hae In is also not a very good actor, but he suits Jisoo,” and various other critical comments.

What do you think about Jisoo’s acting in the trailer for the drama ‘Snowdrop’?