Jisoo and her beauty become a powerful distractor


Snowdrop’s set has received big surprises during filming and Jisoo surprised everyone with how beautiful she is. Jisoo has received the love of fans during the filming of her K-Drama, one of the coffee truck workers revealed her experience meeting the idol.

Fans always find a way to show their affection to idols and cheer them on at each stage of their work, while Jisoo fulfills her schedule as an actress she has received many gifts and among them we find the coffee and food carts, can you imagine what it is like? participate in these projects?

The person in charge of running one of the coffee trucks for Jisoo also has a YouTube channel where she usually shares some of her experiences, so her visit to the Snowdrop set could not be left out.

In addition to portraying the installation of gifts for Jisoo and production of the drama , the manager of this truck coffee revealed that it was the second time she saw the idol of blackpink but said the girl is so beautiful that it almost spilled coffee she was preparing after making eye contact with her, something that would have happened to anyone in her place.

She also revealed that she is excited for the release of Snowdrop so he already wants to see the first episodes of the drama, just like all the BLINKS .


The idol continues to receive surprises on the Snowdrop set and adds a new food cart to her giveaways. This time it was sent by her fans in Thailand and the idol happily posed next to the gifts they prepared for her.

In addition to sharing a series of photos next to the food truck while smiling broadly, Jisoo added a thank you message that showed the love she has for her followers.

The weather was clear and thanks to BLINKS the set is also brilliant. Our BLINKS are the best.


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