Jinyoung’s K-Dramas to Make You Fall in Love


Jinyoung has found a new passion in drama, know which ones he has participated in. In addition to being a successful JYP Entertainment idol, Jinyoung has developed his skills in the world of acting, showing his fans an evolution in this area of ​​his career.

Although several GOT7 members have experimented with acting, Jinyoung is the one who developed a new passion upon entering the recording set, learning from experienced actors and earning recognition for his talents.

As his experience in K-dramas increases, Jinyoung has garnered better roles, ranging from cameos and web series to leading roles on Korean television.

Do you want to know more about Jinyoung’s career as an actor? Here are some of the best dramas this talented boy has ever acted in.

Please let us know if you have already seen any of these stories and what kind of roles you would like Jinyoung to play in the future.


The drama is also known as The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, this is the most recent production Jinyoung has worked on. It tells the story of Jaehyun and Jisoo two college boys who meet during a demonstration. Jisoo falls in love with him and won’t rest until she gets close to him, however, Jaehyun might not be the person Jisoo’s father hopes for his daughter. After it is a terrible event they separate, but fate brings them back together 20 years later and they will discover that their love never disappeared.

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This drama starred GOT7 members and Song Ha Yoon in 2015. It tells the story of In Hyeong, a girl in him school days who faces a difficult life. him luck could change after she meets seven mysterious boys who also have special powers and will try to help him enjoy each day.



A mysterious accident in an apartment building changed the lives of many of the inhabitants, one of them was Lee Ahn, a little boy who lost his family but was able to escape the accident unscathed. From that day on, Lee Ahn developed a psychometric skill and every touch a person can see some of their memories, often the most painful. Years later, he dreams of helping with his crime investigation skills, but the opportunity will also be born to discover what really happened with the accident where he lost his parents.

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Hyung Soo is a boy who, in his youth, met an orphan girl who over time gains great importance in his life, she is Eun Dong. Suddenly, she disappears one day and it is not until 10 years later that they meet again, it is then that they discover the love they share, but again Eun Dong disappears. Desperate to find him, Hyung Soo, who is now a successful actor, decides to write an autobiography and confess his love for Eun Dong in the hope that she will read it. To do this, you will rely on an anonymous writer who will help you capture your stories, but this writer will be more familiar with the story than you might imagine.


Kirin Arts High School is a school that prepares talented boys and girls who have a keen interest in music, yet are facing a financial crisis that will increase tension. Students will show their best during their classes with the intention of becoming music stars, but the competition will give way to rivalries and alliances that will surprise you.


A scholar from the Joseon era meets a mermaid in an unexpected way, but their union will be jeopardized due to the nature of this girl. Over time, the different lives of these characters continue to meet them again to repeat the tragic fate that unites them, can they find happiness?


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