Jin’s voice was eliminated in Dynamite EDM Remix


The EDM version of BTS’s Dynamite reduced Jin’s involvement in the melody by removing some of his verses. After the premiere of the Dynamite video, the fans of the idol group shared their excitement that BTS would reveal new versions of this melody, however, the result was not well received by everyone, particularly since Jin’s participation was modified in one of they.

BTS released a new acoustic version and EDM remix of Dynamite, their most recent song. Although these songs showed us a different side to the melody that has become a YouTube hit around the world, fans of the Bangtan boys disagreed with some of the changes the song underwent.

Although the melody was expected to have changes in the musical aspect, the annoyance of some ARMYs arose because in the EDM version some verses of Seokjin were removed.

This event triggered some Bangtan fans to recall other times when Jin was not given due attention, such as his appearance in music videos or his time being the center of the group.

After noticing that the discomfort was a sentiment shared with other fans, some ARMYs on Twitter began to share a message in English addressed to Big Hit Entertainment, in which the company is asked to republish the EDM remix of Dynamite but to this time include the verses of Jin.

Previously, some followers of BTS also pointed out that the distribution of lines did not seem fair, however, it was the same fandom who was in charge of clarifying that the members of Bangtan have already pointed out that they themselves choose which verses are best for each one. .

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