Jin’s life before joining BTS Big Hit Entertainment


All members of BTS have their unique stories and Jin, also known as Kim Seok-jin, is no exception.

Did you know that BTS was originally going to be strictly a hip hop group? It was only after RM, Suga, and J-Hope got together that Big Hit Entertainment changed its mind. Big Hit decided that the boys would do well to promote themselves as a traditional K-Pop group.

All members of BTS have their unique stories and Jin, also known as Kim Seok-jin, is no exception. The life of a K-Pop idol is peculiar and each person has to make their own sacrifices.

Through hard work and fighting, you get very close to the people fighting alongside you, and Jin’s story is intertwined with the stories of the other Bangtang Boys. Jin’s life after joining BTS was definitely very different from how it was before.

Jin’s life before joining BTS

Jin was born in Gwacheon-si, South Korea into a fairly wealthy family. His father is the CEO of a company and he grew up with an older brother named Kim Seok-joong.

Seok-joon was reportedly the one who introduced Jin to hip hop, but the idol didn’t consider becoming a part of the music world until his college years. Jin was on his way to becoming an actor. He even completed a BA in art and acting from Konkuk University.

The now BTS singer was cast on the street when he was fifteen by a company called SM Entertainment. Jin, thinking that he was a scam, never followed up on the audition because he distrusted the proposal.

When Jin was approached by Big Hit Entertainment years later, they somehow convinced him that they were legit and that he should stick with them. Jin auditioned to be an actor since he had no experience in dancing or singing.

However, Big Hit Entertainment used his persuasive powers once more to convince Jin to change his plans. It is said that if Jin had auditioned and SM Entertainment had accepted him, he would have debuted with EXO.

Life as a BTS trainee

It was in 2010, around the age of eighteen, that Jin became part of Big Hit Entertainment. As we have mentioned in other articles in Somagnews, life as an apprentice is difficult. The training is exhausting and the schedule is packed.

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In fact, your whole life becomes totally dedicated to one cause: becoming the best K-Pop idol you can be. Jin talked about the life of the BTS trainees in an interview with a KBS TV show.

Despite the pretty faces and glamorous outfits that K-Pop idols wear during their early years, the lives they actually lead are far less than glamorous.

Some would be surprised to learn that BTS used to not receive income despite the slowly growing hordes of fans. Jin, along with the rest of the boys, had to squeeze into small motel rooms every time they went out of town to perform.

In fact, it is known that boys sometimes ate little. It’s true that K-Pop stars are strictly obliged to control their weight, but some of the rare foods they did have were not for dieting.


Apparently chicken breasts were sometimes the only thing they had in their fridge. Even fruits like bananas were considered a luxury.

How is Jin’s life in BTS nowadays?

It is possible that she can guess from her huge popularity that BTS no longer have to raise money to buy some divided meals between them. The quality of life for Jin and the other members has increased dramatically. They can even order shrimp and lobster if they want.

Fame has its definite benefits: devoted fans, exciting performances, a posh lifestyle, and more. Of course, it can be difficult to be constantly in the public eye. Fame sometimes has the effect of straining once close relationships.

Jin made this comment about how fame through BTS has affected him: “I haven’t changed, but my friends find it difficult to be around me. It’s a shame to see them part from me. I have lost many people around me ”.

Jin also reflected on the way he and the other BTS members love each other even though they sometimes have fights. “So it is now, but if we go our own way in the future, I hope we continue to see each other and spend time together because we are happy now that we are together.”


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