Jin’s fans open donation campaign to support his music


Jin’s fandom has agreed to open a donation drive to support his solo music career.

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, became a trend on social networks after it became known that his fandom opened a donation campaign with the sole purpose of supporting his musical career, which has managed to stand out progressively in recent months .

It cannot be denied that BTS is already a phenomenon of international stature, since its 7 members have managed to conquer the music industry with their charisma and talent; Kim-Seokjin is no exception, as he has a fandom around the world that is willing to support his musical career within the band and the projects he launches alone.

“JinGlobal fanbases are pleased to inform you that we will finally open our own PayPal donation pool to expand our resources and further support Jin’s music, art and promotions. Full details are on the poster, ”reads a statement issued by a Twitter account dedicated to the idol.

Jin’s solo achievements

At just 27 years old, Jin has become a K-Pop star and all thanks to the impact that BTS has had in recent years; However, it is well known that the idol has managed to reap the fruits of his own work, because you should know that his solo songs have performed well on digital platforms.

The first record of many corresponds to the song ‘Moon’ from the album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, as this song was positioned at # 1 on iTunes in 100 countries, a figure that makes him the first K-Pop artist in achieving such a feat.

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But that’s not all, since Jin’s popularity begins to get bigger every day and for proof of this we have the fact that his solo profile within Spotify already exceeds 180 thousand subscribers around the world.

Do you like Jin’s songs? Would you donate to Kim Seok-jin Funding Support to support the idol’s music career? Leave your answer in the comments.


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