Jinhwan and iKON’s Junhoe suffer a car accident


Jinhwan and iKON’s Junhoe suffer a car accident. iKONIC is waiting for a statement from the company to find out the state of the boys. Members of iKon reportedly suffered an accident on a highway, the driver was drunk.

The group is going through a difficult time after it was reported that 2 of the members had a mishap while traveling at dawn, iKONIC is concerned about the state of the boys, we tell you what we know so far.

Various Korean media have reported thatJinhwan and Junhoe IKON were in a car accident,theidolswere traveling in a van from Namhae, Gyeongsang Province, the transfer was early morning, according they report, at 3:40 in the morning of July 13, that is, it happened at 2 in the afternoon of this Sunday.

The car the iKON boys were traveling in slipped in the rain andhit a wallon the road. Fortunately, both werenot seriously injured, but were treated in a hospital for minor injuries, about the driver, no further reports on his condition have been reported, but it was stated thathe was intoxicated.

So far, YG has not released any statement about it to report the details of the accident, the state of health of Jinwhan and Junhoe , or the measures they will take against the driver who endangered the lives of the members by driving in bad terms.

iKONIC has denounced on social networks the mistreatment and bad attention that the group has received by not receiving any communication due to the seriousness of the matter, they also sent their best wishes so that the two are well after the scare they suffered.

It is not known if the 2 members have already returned to the city or if they are still in the local hospital where the accident occurred, so the fandom requires some report to know that they are well.

It is not the first time that a group of idols have been involved in an accident. A few years ago, Super Junior’s Heechul, who recently turned years, underwent surgery after the van he was traveling in overturned with some of his teammates. Since then, the injury to his leg does not allow him to dance and promote with the group.


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