Jin wins exclusive Nickname for attending 2020 VMAs


BTS singer Jin has surprised the world with his wonderful performance at the 2020 VMAs that earned him a distinguished nickname. Get to know it!

BTS’s Jin attracted attention with his handsome looks and passionate performance at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, so much so that he has earned a distinguished nickname from the boys of ARMY as a result.

It should be remembered that BTS showed their new song Dynamite for the first time on stage at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, which took place on the 31st at 9 am (Korean time), where Jin appeared in a brown suit and caught the attention of fans.

Jin from BTS’s distinguished nickname

Jin made fans’ hearts pound with a hand kiss during the performance, so after the performance, Jin gained attention on Twitter with the title and nickname of Brown Suit Guy / The Boy in the Brown Suit.

On Twitter, a lot of the ARMY guys wondered: Can you tell me who the person in the brown suit is? He’s cute and who’s the person in the brown suit?

It turns out that also after the FNS Music Festival in Japan, BTS’s vocalist and dancer won first place on Yahoo Japan in real time and renewed a new nickname as shong shong man after his participation in the Mic Drop performance called “You’re running. hastily, shong shong “became a hot topic.

Fans said, “Seokjin has another nickname after Car Door Guy, Third Guy From the Left and shongshongnam (shong shong man) and apparently he is Brown Suit Guy.

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There is no doubt that BTS’s Jin is the visual member of the boy band who garnered attention at award ceremonies multiple times with his incredible images.

Notably, during an online chat event for Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey MC asked Jin that Jin is the most beautiful and symmetrical face, how are you so handsome? – Jin blushed and replied shyly: You must be born like this.

Do you think BTS’s Jin is a lovable member? Do you think that BTS’s Jin looked classy at the 2020 VMAs performance?


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