Jin wins BTS Week’s dance competition


Jin managed to show all his creativity by dancing during BTS Week on the Jimmy Fallon show.

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is the show to watch right now, as BTS Week started three days ago. In addition to giving us brilliant performances from Idol and Home, we also saw the guys perform Dynamite with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Even when John Cena appeared on the show yesterday for an interview, the 43-year-old actor couldn’t stop talking about the popular South Korean boy group.

On the 3rd of the week BTS in Fallon saw members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, competing in a fun game titled Dance Your Feelings.

An expression would be given to them and, as they understood, they would have to dance their feelings. The first round saw Kookie vs. TaeTae as they had to show cheerful movements and Taehyung made the members laugh, thus winning the round.

BTS’s top two dancers, Hobi and ChimChim, were next and were given the shy expression. While J-Hope clearly won the round, BTS ARMY couldn’t get over Baby Mochi’s shy dance.

The Bangtan leader teased the Filter singer to show more variety in his movements and literally became a shy kid.

The next round saw Namjoon take on Jimmy when they were given the surprised expression. While Joonie returned the call to the Infinite Challenge meme during Dynamite MV (B Side), Fallon hilariously overreached, causing the members to pick him as the winner.

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As the leader of Bangtan referred to him as the “match of the century”, they made Jin face Yoongi. They were given the calm expression that saw Jin make his Spine Breaker moves to inevitably win the round.

Jin stood out with his creativity for the “dance”

The semifinals saw V take on J-Hope and gave them the ‘Your jacket got stuck in the car door’ expression. The members and Jimmy couldn’t help but laugh at the duo’s theatricality when Hobi ended up winning the round. Taehyung jumping on his hyung to celebrate was adorable too.

Next, we had Jin versus Jimmy as they had to express “accidentally taking a sip of someone else’s drink”. Jin’s pleading expressions were too amusing as he made his way towards the finale.

Also, it was not lost on ARMY how Jin showed an accidental glance at his abs when Hobi raised his hands in victory.

In the final round, Jin took on J-Hope as they had to dance “Watch Netflix for five hours and have a dead leg.” Jin’s dramatic performance as he massaged his leg and kept yelling, the boys shouting their eldest hyung’s name as the deserved winner!

,Once again, Jin’s abs made another cameo as V held Jin’s hand in victory while the winner covered it with his hand. Did you like Jin’s participation in this game? Which other idol was your favorite?


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