Jin turns into a precious gem in BE’s individual photos


Kim Seokjin gave ARMY an elegant fantasy, the oldest member of BTS appears in a peaceful place in the concept images for ‘BE’. What was the K-pop singer inspired by to curate his photographs?

As November 20 is getting closer, an important date for BTS and ARMY, the band from the agency Big Hit Entertainment returns to the music scene with the record material ‘BE’, a new era for the 7 singers and rappers.

Ready for the return of Beyond The Scene with ‘BE’? The interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ announced that this album will be more than special, as they have found a lot of inspiration during social isolation.

In the last few days, the concept images for ‘BE’ have been revealed, Bangtan Sonyeondan idols worked on the creative, artistic and content parts to make the gallery that adorns their next comeback.

V, Jimin, RM, and Jungkook have already shared the image sets where they have put a lot of effort and their personality, now the member who surprised netizens by posting their individual photos is Jin.


The individual concept images of Jin reflect an elegant, calm and calm aura, the color palette that distinguishes the set is pearl, white and lilac was used as a contrast. OMG!

The room where Jin appears is illuminated by beautiful crystal lamps, which contrast with the outfit of the Korean pop idol, who wears a long sky blue robe, white shirt, lilac pants and comfortable sandals.

The audio that accompanies Jin’s individual teasers for ‘BE’ is an explanation of his inspiration to create a serene and calm environment, the interpreter of ‘ON’ commented that inside a room full of precious gems it is impossible to know what really worth it and what is not.


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