Jin tried to send ARMY a loving kiss but they stopped him


One of the BTS idols didn’t let Jin send a “flying kiss” to the thousands of fans during Map Of The Soul ON: E. Look who it was!

BTS returned to the stage for another round of performances as part of the Map of the Soul ON: E concert. The two-day concert saw the boys return to the stage four months after they tore down the house with Bang Bang Con: The Live.

While the track list for Map of the Soul ON: E Day 2 is still pretty much the same as the first day, BTS has already helped ARMY create some new memories on Sunday.

One of them comes thanks to Jin and Jungkook. The septet, after performing ON and We Are Bulletproof pt 2, took the stage to welcome ARMY to the second day of BTS’s concert.

When the cameras focused on each member, they performed in their signature style. When Jin came into the limelight, the singer kept a straight face, flaunting his beautiful face and slowly raised his hand to kiss him goodbye.

Just when his hands reached his lips, Jungkook placed his hand in the middle to prevent him from completing it.

The moment was so funny that even Jin couldn’t help but laugh. The moment surprised the ARMY. Check out the video shared by some fans participating in the event.

BTS sets new record with MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E

The two-day virtual concert has become one of the most watched of this 2020. It gathered more than 1 million spectators and grossed more than 50 billion won (US $ 40 million).

Some of the countries that most watched the amazing concert of the K-Pop band were the United States, Japan, England and China. MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events by fans of the BangTan boys. Did you see BTS’s digital concert? Did you like the little joke between Kookie and Jin?

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