Jin transforms into a handsome and strict teacher for BTS


Kim Seokjin became a handsome teacher in the latest episode of the RUN BTS series, the idol played his role so well that he punished Jimin for his behavior in the classroom.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V and RM are ready to surprise their fans with the premiere of ‘BE’, their next record material that has the public who follows their career very excited.

Recently, a new episode of the RUN BTS! Series was launched, a program where the 7 idols of the Big Hit Entertainment company face off in fun, dynamic battles and close competitions.

On the 112th episode of RUN BTS !, ARMY spent some pleasant time with the rappers and singers of the Bangtan Boys, who went back to their student days and dressed in school uniforms.

As the boys needed a teacher, the one chosen to play this role was Jin, who took his character very seriously and gave life to a handsome teacher, with a formal outfit and with a very particular way of treating his students.


The older member of Beyond The Scene impressed his colleagues and the audience with his professionalism, since at no time did he leave his position of authority in the classroom.

Kim Seokjin prepared very well to be a teacher, he wore a very elegant and sophisticated look of a white button-down shirt, black pants and vest and glasses to have a more intellectual image. OMG!

Master Jin’s good attitude was transformed when he noticed that two of his students were not paying attention to the class. What happened is that Jimin and Jungkook were sharing a desk and did not waste time to take out their cell phone and take a selfie, which raised the fury of Professor Seokjin.

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J-Hope, RM, V and Suga asked teacher Jin to confiscate their phone so they wouldn’t be disturbing for the rest of the class, Taehyung was the group president so he tried to ask his colleagues to give him the cell phone, but Jimin chose to go to the front of the room and give it to the teacher.

In the behind the scenes of that episode Jin stated that he had really liked being a classroom teacher, the ‘Dynamite’ interpreter explained:

Being a teacher is fun, it suits my personality too much

Recently, Jin’s beauty became an international issue, we invite you to see: Kim Seokjin’s visual is listed as immortal.


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