Jin thanks for the success of the BTS


The group member BTS , Jin said how grateful he is to have his teammates and fans; he hopes the gang will go even further.

On June 14, BTS held “Bang Bang Con: The Live,” an online concert celebrating the group’s seventh anniversary since their debut. Despite having to cancel their world tour in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic , “Bang Bang Con: The Live” attracted more than 750,000 viewers tuning in live worldwide.

During the concert , the members shared their feelings on their seventh anniversary since their debut. On which, Jin said, “My team celebrated our seventh anniversary yesterday, and this was originally the end of our contract. However, I am very grateful to my colleagues and for having good company, thanks to them, we can go even further together. ”

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In light of the current pandemic, the RM leader also said: “I think this time period will pass and we will be able to meet again soon.” To which J-Hope added: “Everyone is my hope, and we are your hope.”

BTS started with the concert with “Dope”, where RM playfully started the song with “Welcome, it’s your first time on ‘Bang Bang Con’ right?”.


BTS’s Bang Bang Con success

The group made hits like “Black Swan,” “Boy With Love,” as well as fan favorites like “Boyz With Fun,” “I like it,” “One Day,” “Jamais Vu,” “00:00 ( Zero O ‘Clock) ”and more.

The ARMYs assumed that BTS’s Bang Bang Con: The Live show would feature some of what the boys had in store for their Map of the Soul world tour, which was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Others had no idea what to expect, but they knew that what RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook had in store for them would be absolutely incredible.

Now that the concert is over, fans are amazed, because even though the concert only lasted an hour and a half, it was full of surprises.



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