Jin tells you how to experience a realistic BTS concert from your home


He lives in the year 2035 thanks to his ingenious ideas. BTS continues to respect social isolation and live with its fans through Weverse, live broadcasts and sharing photos of their day to day.

They recently held the Bang Bang Con , an online concert to remember the best moments of their concerts, an experience that allowed ARMY to enjoy the broadcast as if it were a live show thanks to the synchronization of the lightstick , but if the dynamics was not enough, Jin has the solution.

The idol is known for his original and epic responses, as well as being witty and very funny. If you want to relive the experience that BTS gave you, you only need a DVD of their tours, the ARMY Bomb, the privacy of your room and a glass of water.

In one of BTS’s behind-the-scenes footage , Jin spoke about the group’s tour in 2019. The idol talked about the things he did on stage while having fun and singing, so he advised ARMY how to live a 4D experience without needing great technology. Spray water on yourself, just like he did during the concert.

Without a doubt, his answers are always the best, from the famous “don’t be ridiculous”, adding to the tasks of the ARMY to adore Seokjin , to tips for you to enjoy a very realistic show.


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