Jin tells you how to end boredom

The idol gives you tips for quarantining. Don’t you know what else to do ? The quarantine continues and there are still a couple of days before BTS’s Bang Bang Con .

In these weeks, many have taken the opportunity to watch series, do movie marathons, stream the group, learn an online course, sleep or join challenges on social networks, but it seems that Jin has the solution for boredom.

The boys have kept in touch through Weverse , with messages, advice and photos from their day to day. The idol decided to reply to a fan and help her with her to-do list, as some still need to attend school, help out at home, and love BTS.

The fan shared a photo with her homework ready, Jin, faithful to her style, decided to add one more task: ” She loves Seokjin-nie” .


Undoubtedly, like Luna and her song “Moon”, ARMY will always have reasons to adore the boys, almost daily there are trends on the part of the fandom, demonstrating their support for BTS.

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