Jin talks about the importance of growing


Jin talks about the importance of growing. The idol has no complex with his physique or with his age. Jin talks about the passage of time and the meaning of growing up.

A month ago, BTS celebrated their seventh anniversary as a group, 7 years in which seven boys have managed to fulfill their dream. From a young age, all the members became trainees to train for a period of time before being ready to debut, the idol joked with ARMY and reflected on the passage of time.

Through the Weverse platform, Jin decided to interact with ARMY after his last “Eat Jin”, the idol shared a new selfie where he wears a white shirt and a casual hairstyle, the image received several comments, among them, a fan told him He assured that “he was not aging”, that is, that he looked very young.

Jin, faithful to his style, once again showed the great self-confidence he possesses and replied with a simple: “I do, I have wrinkles around my eyes”, perhaps he was joking, but the idol decided to be honest about the importance of grow and mature without self-complexing for it.


On social networks, ARMY shared the photo and assured that Jin was perhaps only joking, since he had nothing on his face and, even if it were, they assured that he looked very attractive. Jin also clarified that his eyes always shine due to contact lenses.

The issue of growing up and getting older, in terms of becoming a young boy to a more mature one, an ARMY insisted that he cannot consider himself old even if his face changes over time.

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Jin will be 28 in December of this year, (29 in Korean age), he is still someone young, but he insisted that if someone has wrinkles it is because he is aging, although he could have done it in a joking tone, but not being self-conscious about something like that shows the self-esteem that it possesses , for nothing is Worlwide Handsome.

The idol has been a boy who has fulfilled many of his dreams with BTS and alongside ARMY, as time passes he matures and becomes a mature boy who will continue to achieve goals and demonstrate why he is the most handsome in the world.

Recently RM also shared a couple of inspiring messages with ARMY, no doubt boys always give life lessons in various ways, not only their music helps them find happiness, their words also make them see life differently.


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