Jin talks about BTS’s success in Variety magazine interview


Jin and the BTS guys gave an interview to Variety magazine to talk about their current success.

The boys of BTS have offered an exclusive interview to Variety magazine to talk about their new musical projects and the tremendous success they have enjoyed internationally for a couple of years, because it cannot be denied that the band has become one of the most important exponents of K-Pop today.

When asked about his opinion about the high impact that BTS’s songs have had in the world lately, Jin mentioned to Variety magazine that it was something that he and the boys did not expect, since they consider that they only make music that they like. and that that music managed to please other people.

“We just made music that we liked and that people in Korea liked, and then people outside of Korea started to like it, in the same way that we listen to pop songs from outside of Korea and enjoy them too,” stated the idol. 27 years old.

Jin assures that BTS did not seek success

Jin assured that neither he nor the boys did anything to try to take their music out of South Korea and that this was possible in an unconscious way, because everything seems to indicate that people liked the concept of BTS, who only enjoy be on stage sharing unique moments with your loyal fans.

“We never made a conscious effort to expand globally. I think it happened organically; this connection happened on its own. Can other groups or people enjoy the same kind of success? I’m sure it’s possible,” added the Worldwide Handsome .

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The fact that Jin mentioned that any artist can achieve the success of BTS has caused the ARMY to feel proud of his words, as they assure that the humility of the idol has not been affected by the international recognition that the South Korean band has had in the actuality.

What do you think of Jin’s words for Variety magazine? Do you think another artist can match BTS’s success? Leave your answer in the comments.


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