Jin surprises with Cute image with Pink Bean Beautiful!


BTS’s Jin is wowing the ARMY with a cute image that he posted alongside the character Pink Bean from the game Maple Story.

BTS’s Jin is known to be a lover of the online PC game Maple Story, which is why he recently showed off a giant doll of one of the game’s characters, but netizens were wrong to focus on other things.

It turns out that on August 28, Jin shared his photo with several different sized Maple Story Pink Bean dolls. One of them is even gigantic, in the picture, Jin can be seen looking happy showing off Pink Bean dolls.

Kim Seokjin was also seen wearing a Maple Story collaboration cardigan with Beyond Closet. This shows that Jin is a huge fan of online gaming.

Many netizens say that the Bangtan Boys’ Jin love for Maple Story is very cute, which is why some netizens mistakenly focused on the closet behind Jin, which was filled with trophies belonging to BTS, from national and international music awards.

The ARMY’s reactions to Jin’s image

“Trophies are crazy!” Internet user comments. “Kim Seokjin is so cute. But he was misfocused on the trophies behind him,” netizens added. “I mean, there are a lot of trophies. Does Jin intend to sport a doll or a trophy? Hahaha,” said another.

“Oh, it turns out to be a character from Maple Story. Jin must really like the game,” netizens wrote. “Look at their trophies! Crazy!” Netizens said. “I just found out that Jin played the game recently. Wow, look at the BTS trophies. It’s amazing,” concluded another.

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Meanwhile, the return of the Bangtan Boys releases the single Dynamite in English on August 21 through various digital music platforms. YouTube confirmed that the music video for their new single garnered 101.1 million views in the 24 hours since its release. This caused BTS to break the video record of most viewers in the first 24 hours.

Notably, BTS has announced an online and offline concert titled “Map of the Soul: ONE”. This concert will be held in Seoul on October 10 and 11. It was also confirmed that they will be making a comeback releasing a new album later this year.



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