Jin shows why he’s considered Handsome


In a video that BTS shared for TikTok, Jin demonstrates once again why he is considered the Worldwide Handsome.

BTS has been very active on social networks in recent days and for proof of this we have the recent video they shared on their official TikTok account, which was starred by Jimin, who is shown dancing to the rhythm of ‘Dynamite’ to the side of his other colleagues.

But what is striking about said clip, which already exceeds 3 million likes on TikTok, is that Jin appears looking in the mirror in such a concentrated way that not even Jimin’s energetic movements could distract him from continuing to enjoy his own gallantry. .

With this funny video, the 27-year-old idol shows once again why ARMY and even himself have been considered Mr. Worldwide Handsome, as it is well known that Jin has a great self-esteem that he always squanders every time he is in charge of the camera.

‘Dynamiye’, BTS’s new hit in 2020

BTS is currently enjoying tremendous success around the world thanks to ‘Dynamite’, their most recent musical single, which was released on August 28 on all digital platforms and that from the first minutes of its premiere managed to break various records.

But undoubtedly one of the most anticipated by the ARMY occurred just a week after its premiere, when it was announced that BTS’s new single debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, being the first K-Pop group in achieving this position in the history of said chart.

And everything seems to indicate that the success for the Bangtan Boys will not stop soon, because a few days ago it was announced that they already have everything ready to celebrate the launch of their new album entitled ‘BE’, which is scheduled to debut in the digital platforms on November 20.

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