Jin shows appreciation for ARMY’s gifts


K-pop idols are always surrounded by the affection of their fans, although the fans of BTS brighten their days with the help of the music of this group, they also strive to thank them through different means and Jin recently showed that he values each one of those efforts.

It is very common for the followers of a group to make different expressions of the love they have for their favorite idols, some make fan arts, others dedicate all their time to them and some more also try to buy them and send them a gift.


The gifts are of various kinds, flowers, bracelets, something they made themselves or something difficult to get. Many of those fans were probably wondering if their gifts were valued but Jin certainly appreciates all of these gestures.

This was demonstrated in the last live broadcast of this idol, where we saw him spend a moment in front of his fans from the comfort of his room. What not many noticed is that the sheets placed on her bed are a gift that Seokjin received from one of her followers. QUE?


As you read it, previously a fan gave her a set that includes a pillow, an item that Jin frequently carries with him while traveling.

In this recent broadcast, Jin showed ARMY one of his hobbies this season and put his piano playing skills to work. You can watch the full video below:


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