Jin shows a new side and shares his routine with ARMY


BTS’s Worldwide Handsome invited ARMY for a fun boat ride and other activities, what did he do during his day?

Kim Seokjin showed his love for selfies, fishing, boats, and food in BE-Log’s new video. Learn all the secrets of the daily routine of the BTS idol in his vlog.

Jin became the third member of Bangtan Sonyandan to present his BE-Log, a 1 minute 24 seconds video in which the members of the band will individually present the activities that make up their routine in one day.

Through the official channel on YouTube BANGTANTV, the agency Big Hit Entertainment released the new BE-Log of Kim Seokjin , this time the clip style was different from those of Taehyung and Namjoon.

The funny vlog of Jin was enlivened with the song ‘Stay’, I track included in the latest studio album by the idols of the K-pop , the editors of the clip chosen parts where he sang, it made more special scenes.


The oldest member of Bangtan Sonyeondan shared his favorite activities as an artist and in his personal life, it consisted of ARMY with some shots of his natural face and a small mukbang of South Korean cymbals .

The Worldwide Handsome of BTS also showed great love and affection for his colleagues revealed the behind the scenes of strenuous rehearsals for the band’s performance at the 2020 MAMA awards.

One of the sports that relaxes Jin the most is fishing, apparently the interpreter of ‘Moon’ found a new love on the waves of the sea, his talents made him catch several little fish and he himself was impressed with his new ability.

At the end of the BE-Log , Jin showed never-before-seen scenes from the winter photoshoot that they did in Gangwon province for the BTS Winter Package 2021. What did you think of the K-pop idol’s vlog ?


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