Jin shares a tip for a happier life


Jin’s experiences have allowed him to discover a way to be happier and how to learn from each experience. Jin made a change in his life that has given him joy and now he shares it so that his fans can be happier .

In a video of Jin with Kookmin Bank, this idol chose the term ‘ change ‘ as his day-to-day keyword, but what does change mean for this idol? According to Seokjin , once you change your mindset , this has a positive impact on your energy when facing challenges.

The idol said that before, when things did not go as he expected, he could not help but get angry and keep that annoyance with him throughout the day, until one day something went wrong and all he thought was that they were things that happened normally and he could not always succeed in everything.


Although he was momentarily upset, then he forgot and kept going, so he was able to get past that moment and try again. Now Jin thinks there is no point in bothering about something that has already happened and that it is better to think about the future.

What’s the point of being upset all day? If you think less negatively, you will start to think more positively. Then, your body will be full of energy, strength and you will be encouraged by everything that has happened.

Although Jin knows that it can be difficult to achieve at first, he points out that once you can maintain that kind of mindset you become a more positive and happy person . Furthermore, he said that fans should know that he will always be there to support them. AWW!

The boys at BTS care that their fans take care of themselves, physically and mentally, so they recently shared a video of a stretching session that will motivate you to exercise.


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