Jin shares a new selfie with a special celebratory message


Jin greeted his fans in an original way after taking first place on Billboard’s weekly chart. Social networks are the ideal means for BTS to keep in constant contact with their followers, that’s why Jin took the account of the idol group on Twitter and sent a greeting to his fans, but he did it in a different way to celebrate the success by Bangtan Sonyeondan on the US Hot 100.

Jin shared a selfie wearing a striped shirt with black and white stripes, this photo lets us appreciate the slightly light tone in him hair, but Seokjin complemented him post with a funny message that made ARMY proud.

Instead of saying hello as he always does, the 1992-born singer added extra information to his performance, showing his excitement for BTS’s success on Billboard with Dynamite, their most recent single. This is what his photo said:

Billboard singer # 1 Seokjinnie.

BTS fans also took the opportunity to mention Seokjin’s eternal youth, as last year this idol shared a photo wearing the same shirt and looks like time hasn’t passed for him.


Becoming the number one artist on the Billboard Hot 100 was quite a feat for these guys, who shared what it was like when they found out about this achievement on Jungkook’s birthday.

If you want to know how the members of the idol group celebrated, we invite you to take a look at everything that happened on BTS’s live broadcast talking about Jungkook’s birthday and his number 1 on the Hot 100.

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