Jin set a new record in iTunes with her single “Moon” OMG!


Attention ARMY! BTS’s Jin sets a new record with his music single “Moon” on iTunes OMG!

The boys of BTS have become a phenomenon in the music industry, where their musical singles have managed to conquer millions of people around the world, with the album “Map of the Soul: 7” being their most recent work.

And although this record material has managed to enchant each of her musical singles that make it up, Jin has managed to excel on iTunes with her song “Moon”, which has set a new record.

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“Moon” is one of the few tunes that has managed to stay at number 1 among the music charts in various countries. A song, which according to the greatest member of BTS, he had composed thinking about how the moon saw the planet Earth in the distance.

Jin breaks new record on iTunes

Also another of the details that ended up conquering the ARMY, was when Jin revealed that the “land” (in this song) represents his loyal fandom who is always supporting them. Super cute!

And precisely, thanks to the impulse of the ARMY on the boys of BTS, “Moon” has managed to break a new record by positioning itself in the first position within the chart of 100 countries in the famous music platform iTunes.

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