Jin says idols are victims of prejudice and discrimination


BTS’s Jin revealed that the South Korean group decided to support the Black Lives Matter movement because they too suffered discrimination.

When the Black Lives Matter movement went into full march mode after the tragic death of George Floyd, BTS stepped forward in support of BLM and also donated a million dollars to the movement. BTS ARMY also offered their support by matching the same millionaire number of BTS in 24 hours.

“We oppose racial discrimination. We condemn violence. You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together. #BlackLivesMatter In addition, they have also donated to other important causes on social issues,” BTS tweeted.

During an interview with Variety magazine, the BTS members were asked how they made the decision to talk about BLM along with the hefty donation.

BTS’s Jin asked for no more prejudice

“When we are abroad or in other situations, we have also been subject to prejudice. We feel that prejudice should not be tolerated; it really has no place,” Jin said while adding how BTS started discussing what they could do to help, already. be it by donation or anything else.

The older BTS member revealed that this was where the conversation began, just trying to see what they could do to try to alleviate this prejudice.


RM went on to confess that BTS was “aware of the fans, the hashtags, and their involvement.” The septet’s support for BLM was a decision that Namjoon says was thought out very carefully as to what they could do, as part of their overall message to speak out against prejudice and violence.

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“We discussed it very carefully with the company and that’s how it happened,” the Bangtan frontman concluded to Variety. Although they are the most important K-pop band today, idols are never exempt from being victims of discrimination.

However, the group has dedicated itself to giving messages of self-love and values with their songs, despite all the bad things that may have happened to them in their rise to fame. That is why ARMY has shown unconditional support for the BangTan Boys. Do you think BTS’s support for BLM helped make the movement stronger?


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