Jin reveals what is the visual ranking of each BTS member


BTS’s Worldwide Handsome declared who the visual for the group is.

Seok Jin is one of the idols who has captured the attention for his talent, the Worldwide Handsome always shokes the world with his beautiful face , although Jin is not only a pretty face, he likes to talk about his visual .

In the most recent interaction on the Japanese BTS fancafe, ARMY questioned Seok Jin about the appearance of his peers , netizens wanted to know the opinion of the interpreter of ‘Awake’ on a subject that dominates well.

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The question was: Jin, what is your BTS appearance ranking?

Jin did not hesitate to answer, as he had to express his deepest ideas, the idol immediately revealed:

“I am number one, the other 6 of my BTS teammates are in second place in the ranking. I am in the upper class.”

The Bangtan Boys singer said that he actually held first place in beauty as he can see further and knows perfectly well that his position cannot be filled by anyone else. The native of the city of Gwacheon is unique.

The reaction of the idol fans were immediate, on social networks they posted memes and other comments about Jin’s beauty ranking , some were amazed by the singer’s sense of humor, while others agreed with his incredible visual.


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