Jin reveals the secret to being as handsome as he is


Jin’s level of beauty is not easy to achieve, but he explains what the secret to achieving it is. The BTS guys have been keeping busy promoting their music and preparing new record material. They recently had a fun-filled online interview where Jin spoke frankly about his look.

At this online event, Jin and Suga discussed their latest hobbies, and Yoongi also revealed that the creative process for new songs varies depending on the situation he is in.

But given Jin’s charming look, it was impossible not to ask him how he managed to be so handsome. All of the members of BTS possess incredible appeal, but in Jin’s case, he’s even been listed as the Worldwide Handsome, so the idol’s answer could mean the lottery to many.

However, Seokjin confessed that achieving it is not easy, since it is something that is determined from birth. UPS!

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Jin’s advice became a fun but hopeless moment, giving his fans a unique moment.

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