Jin reveals the process he takes to change his look


BTS is very busy with the process of their next album, as well as the preparations for their Japanese comeback with “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, which will be released on July 15.

And although there is still time, it seems that the boys are already thinking about their change of look, but Jin decided to answer ARMY how he decides his new cut through his original answers.

The idol decided to interact on Weverse and answer questions from fans, some of them were about her haircut. First, Jin admitted that he checks how handsome he is every time he looks in the mirror when a girl told him that he missed him. LOL

The next questions were about his hair and Jin admitted that he could do whatever he wanted, but the next day he had to deal with the group’s stylists.


ARMY also suggested going back to his old hair style, which is about a mushroom cut, but Jin assured that he would only do it if he was really bored.

Undoubtedly, the idol always has a very fun way of dealing with ARMY’s questions and verifies that his way of being is unique, an example of his self-confidence, since you must always be faithful to yourself no matter what that others say. Awwww!

It is not the first time that the idol talks about their preferences regarding clothing or haircut according to their rules, LOL Previously broke the clothing code that they have established between them, without a doubt, the security of Jin will surprise you.


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