Jin reiterates why he is Worldwide Handsome


The boys of BTS have kept in touch with their fans thanks to social networks like Twitter and the Weverse platform.

During the quarantine, they have shared messages, advice and some broadcasts, but it seems that Jin has a very important message: reiterate why he is “Worldwide Wide Handsome”.

Through Weverse, Jin answered several questions from the fans, but decided to comment to one that during this social isolation, she always looks in the mirror and reiterates that she is a beautiful person, although she is always surprised to find out.

The idol admitted that he knows that there may be someone more beautiful than him, but to himself, he will always be a beautiful person. Awwwww! Without a doubt, he always spreads a message of self-love, even if it is his original responses. It is not the first time that Jin admits that she is a very self-assured person, during the behind the scenes of “ON”, she admitted that one of her roles in the group is to be the beautiful person. LOL

For 3 years, he was nicknamed “Worlwide Handsome” and ARMY loves his nickname, because you can always be what you want no matter what others say.


The idol always shows that he has these kinds of answers about the confidence he has in himself, he recently assured how he decides to change his look, apparently, the idol looks good no matter what others say.


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